Real Estate Law

If you are seeking legal guidance for a real estate transaction in the Boise area, the lawyers at Thomas, Williams & Park, LLP, are here to serve your needs. We assist clients with all types of commercial and residential real estate transactions including lease negotiations, purchase agreements and closings.

Our clients include buyers, sellers, developers, lenders, investors and other parties engaged in the real estate market in Boise and throughout Southern Idaho.

A poorly handled real estate transaction can expose you to unnecessary risk. We handle every matter with the utmost care and attention to detail, an approach that saves our client's time, expense and worry in the long run.

Real Estate Disputes

Our attorneys represent clients in disputes involving boundary lines, easements, landlord/tenant issues, contracts, titles and other real estate law issues. We also handle judicial and private foreclosures and related legal matters.

Our strong litigation background makes us a formidable advocate for clients facing real estate litigation in Idaho. Our versatile practice allows us to resolve disputes through negotiation, litigation and alternative dispute resolution (mediation, arbitration), depending on the needs of each client.

Contact Us For Real Estate Law Guidance

Whether you are engaging in a real estate transaction or involved in a dispute, we are prepared to serve your interests. To arrange your consultation with one of our experienced residential and commercial real estate attorneys, please contact us online or by telephone at 208-297-7137.