Fighting For Your Hard-Earned Wages

Some employers will do anything to save a dollar — including taking unlawful action to pay you less than you deserve for your labor. The Fair Labor Standards Act exists, among other reasons, to protect workers from the unfair tactics employers will use to pay their employees less than they earned for their work.

The attorneys at Thomas, Williams & Park, LLP, understand what is at stake for Idaho workers. You work directly with our senior partners in Boise to hold employers accountable for their payroll violations. We fight to secure the full amount you were meant to receive for your hard work.

Types Of Wage And Hour Violations

There are a variety of ways employers will try to pay you less for your work. Some of their common tactics include:

  • Missclassifying you to avoid having to pay overtime
  • Not paying you overtime for your work
  • Making you work off the clock
  • Making you work during breaks
  • Rounding down your hours
  • Paying you less than minimum wage

When any of these things happen to you, you can't afford to let it pass. Your employer is profiting unfairly from your unpaid labor. These tactics will most likely continue unless you take immediate action. Our employment lawyers have secured six- and seven-figure settlements on behalf of our clients in wage and hour disputes, and will not settle for less than you deserve for your hard work.

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